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Code of ethics

.Like doctors and their Hippocratic Oath, chiropractors take an oath upon graduation. The wording may vary somewhat from school to school, but all generally pledge to serve the sick and alleviate their suffering without regard to race or color, to maintain confidentiality of patient information, and to refrain from wrongdoing.  

My philosophy for the care of my patients is the same and I strive every day to be the best I can be for each person who comes to the office.
Here is the oath that chiropractors take: 

"In accordance with the law of nature, that law which God has prescribed to all men;  and in consequence of my dedication to getting the sick well by the application of that law, I promise and swear to keep, to the best of my ability and judgement, the following oath:

I will observe and practice every acknowledged rule of professional conduct in relation with my profession, my patient, my colleague, and myself.

I will keep an open mind regarding the progress of my profession, provided that these progressions shall be confined \within the boundaries of the chiropractic science, philosophy, and art.

I will serve my patient to the best of my ability, violating neither his confidences nor his or her dignity, and in my association with patients I shall not violate that which is moral and right.

I shall regard and refer to my fellow chiropractor with honor, giving credit where it is due.

I shall improve my knowledge and skill, firm in my resolution to justify the responsibility which the degree of Doctor of Chiropractor symbolizes and imposes.

To all this, I pledge myself, knowing these ideals are prescribed by the dictates of reason alone.

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