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Claire Hagen

Passionate since my birth about everything concerning the medical, biomechanical and sports fields. I discovered chiropractic during my first year of medical school, which convinced me that I would be more in tune with my values by being a chiropractor. When I was in the French National roller derby chamionnat, I realised the impact of chiropractic on the sportsman who led me to want to specialise in it. My best memory in chiropractic is when I was a volunteer at the Gay Games Paris 2018 (under the patronage of the President of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee). I was able to take care of the amateur athlete to the professional in the company of great French chiropractors in a very nice atmosphere of solidarity. 

Member of the association "ChiroLetzebuerg" since 2019.

Ihr Chiropraktiker in Dudelange Luxemburg.
Votre Chiropracteur à Dudelange Luxembourg.

Training/ Experiences

2014: First year in medical school in Nancy

2014: Transfer to the second year of chiropractic at IFEC Paris

2018: Start clinic at the student chiropractic clinic in Paris 

2018: Volunteer at the Gay Games Paris

2019: Graduate Doctor of Chiropractic

2019: Golfer Care Training  ( Shane Lawlor D.C.)

2019: Graduate in FIFA in football medicine

2019: Intervention in large a company in Luxembourg

2019-2021: Worked in Charlotte Torsat's clinic in Bonnevoie

2021: Opening of my clinic in Dudelange


Chiropractic techniques :​

  • Diversified

  • Gonstead

  • S.O.T.

  • Thompson drop

  • Activator

Muscular Techniques:

  • A.R.T.

  • K-Tape

  • Graston

  • R.P.I.

Proposed services

  • Practice care 

  • Home care

  • Intervention in sports clubs

  • Intervention in companies

  • Intervention on events


Salle de traitement Chiropraxie Dudelange.
Chiropraktik Behandlungsraum Dudelange.

Your Chiropractic practice

The practice is located next to the church and Picken Doheem. 

How to get there:

Bus: Stop Dudelange Kiirch
Train: Dudelange Ville station stop, then 8 minutes walk.
Car: Disabled parking in front of the building. Free parking 30 minutes and between 12h and 14h.
On foot: located on the ground floor, right door


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